A Rebuttal: Near-Death Experiences are Real

Appeared in Science and Nonduality Online Science Magazine, 2019 and The Next Truth, Where Science and Myth Meet, May 2019

Just as artists are driven to create, scientists need to prove that something is as it seems. Their mantra is, don’t tell me, show me through repeated tests that arrive at the same results every time. Doubt and questions are the comfort food of science, and through peer reviews, the research is continuously questioned. Rightfully so, otherwise, how would we know what has been put forward is correct? The world is overflowing with pseudoscience, conclusions are given without the proper research. Peer reviews verify the findings and hold the researcher accountable and separate fact from imaginings.

With that understanding, I would like to dispute some of the scientific conclusions regarding near-death experiences. As with peer reviews, doubters push us to find definitive ways to illustrate the reality of these experiences. Thus, the material here attempts to bring verifiable information.

Dr. Raymond Moody chose to use the word ‘near’ in his identification of death experiences. Moody is a medical doctor, and it makes sense that he would inject this word into his work. Sadly it has inserted many years of uncertainty into the death reports. One man said that the person who named it ‘near-death experiences’ never had one. There is nothing halfway or […]