The Killer Bra

Events that exist in memory wander through my mind. In my advanced years, the stories stack up like discarded newspapers reaching to the ceiling. One episode protrudes from the pile and brings belly-shaking laughter as my thoughts travel back to the 1950s and my teens.

“Stop squirming and turn around,” my sister, Susan, scolded as she dressed our cousin, Babe, for an illegal date.

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea,” Babe’s worried voice said.

“Oh, it’ll be fine. No one will know,” Susan assured her in a stage whisper.

We were in the bedroom, my sister and I shared. Our beds and dressers shoved against the walls left the middle open for their antics. With interest, I watched as Susan took control of the situation as though she knew what she was doing. At fifteen, neither girl was allowed to go on dates with boys in cars. That privilege was reserved until they were sixteen and not a day before. Nor were they allowed to attend house parties without our parents knowing where, when, with whom, plus they wanted to speak to the adults that would chaperone. Still, the tingle of rebellion quivered through the girls as they prematurely testing that freedom. Nothing short of our parents finding out was going to stop them.

The words “let’s party” in the middle of the […]

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Understanding Violence

Published in The Next Truth, Where Science and Myth Meet, March 2020 edition

We are outraged and saddened by the cruelty and bloodshed happening around the world. Aside from record numbers of people fleeing their home countries, there is exceptional aggression on our streets and in our homes. While violence has been a part of human existence for centuries, it’s hard to know if it is getting worse, or are we just more aware of it? Does that awareness have the effect of creating more brutality? What are the underlying causes of extreme viciousness? Can we grab hold of this juggernaut and get it under control?

Each one of us strives to have our basic needs met; enough food to keep us healthy; decent shelter to protect us from the elements; appropriate and suitable clothing; and a sense of belonging. Typically, if these needs are met, it’s unusual for anyone to lash out to strangers in anger. When we perceive that others want to do us harm or deprive us of the necessities of life that we attack, it’s rare for a person to intentionally go out of his or her way to make another person angry. That would be completely illogical.

Fear plays a huge role when it comes to hostility. It’s one of the biggest motivators for negative actions. Our instinct toward perceived […]

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Quantum Happiness

Published in The Next Truth, Where Science and Myth Meet, January Edition

Happiness is a decision. There’s a direct link between our happiness and the thoughts we entertain. We aren’t talking about the Power of Positive Thinking, or You Can Heal Your Life, although you probably can. Instead, we need to look at science and see how it fits into our happiness.

Quantum particles are the smallest element science knows. They are the building blocks of all we know, the stars and planets, and each of us. So, one would think these essential elements would offer no difficulties in understanding their operation.

Yet these tiny dots of nothing have created the most significant amount of confusion within the scientific community than any other discovery in history. Like trying to catch a greased pig, physicists have been trying to pin them down for over one hundred years. They are demanding to capture an in-depth inspection. They morph from particle to wave in a flash. One quantum particle can go in two directions at once and be in more than one place simultaneously. They go through solid matter, and linked particles instantly communicate with one another from across the universe. This can’t be because the signal would be going faster than the speed of light, and that’s not possible. After all, it takes our sun’s light eight […]

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