Essay on Love


by Lynn K. Russell

written for Mystic Order of the White Rose Newsletter

August 1, 2020

Today, for some, the word love has lost it is meaning. We love objects, places, complete strangers make love, and we depend on love to fill us up. We throw the word around like a hot rock, and I am as guilty as anyone. Perhaps like something and cannot find a strong enough word to express that, and so we say ‘love.’

Fair enough. So, what is love? It is a strong feeling we have toward others, nature, and creatures therein. We want to be near or with that which we love as much as possible. This includes hiking in the wilds and stopping to wrap ourselves up in the fresh air and wilderness. At least, that is what it is at this physical existence. This love is so strong that we feel at one with the other, and it pains us to be apart. But the love I want to talk about is spiritual.

Spiritually, love takes on totally different dimensions from physical devotion. Repeatedly, people who have experienced death and returned, rave about the overwhelming love they felt. We are told it filled every crevice of their being and overflowed to everything. Those who went to a beautiful garden say the […]