Before I begin talking about my background,
I want to stress that my work is
to teach every person in the world
how magnificent you are.

You will see this message repeated in all I do.

You are utterly amazing and have way
more power than you realize.

I hope that you will discover that power and
know your control within the world.

YOU ARE LOVE-POWER manifest in a physical existence.

As a child, I was the only spiritual person in our family. My grandfather’s death, when I was around eight or nine, made me realize my mortality. My mother was an atheist, and when I asked her what happened when you die, she told me nothing, you just disappear. I was a little kid; I didn’t want to vanish, and I became terrified of death. In my mid-teens, I began studying the various religions, philosophies, and spirituality of the world. I studied their histories and how they got the way they are. I also studied the off-shoot churches and what they taught about death.

In my thirties, I developed a high interest in cosmology that eventually advanced to the other sciences. Today I’m fascinated with the findings of quantum physics, astral physics, studies of the mind, and spiritual Consciousness.

I became a family counselor for almost thirty years and had many years as a workshop facilitator, giving talks, and teaching spirituality. I’m also a Unitarian lay chaplain and officiate at weddings, funerals, and child naming ceremonies. My interest in spiritual learning has not faded and now have over 65 years of growth in that direction.

After retirement, I could finally get interested in what I wanted to do, be a writer. In one story, the hero astral projected. So, I went online to find out if it was even possible for my hero to do what I was proposing. That’s when I found OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) on a website called Although they researched Near-Death Experiences, there was some information on OBEs as well. However, I got sidetracked when I became fascinated with the underlying profound spiritual knowledge within those reports. After joining the chat group, I became a bit of a regular, at least until Dr. Jeffery Long and his wife, Jody, asked for someone to volunteer to do research, and I put my hand up.

It indeed was a delight to have ended up researching 2500 death experiences. In the beginning, I was interested in the experiences these people were having, but after a while, I was more interested in the spiritual learning within the accounts. The information went together with the years of study I had done and took me much further than I ever imagined.

Now, I understood what happens to those who don’t come back from their death experiences.

What is this life is all about? Why we are here?

What we are supposed to do? What is our reality?

This information was so exciting to me that I just had to share it with others and so I wrote the book, The Wonder of You: What the Near-Death Experiences Tells You About Yourself.

It was awesome to see that book get rave reviews, and now it is out as a second edition. This new edition has quite a bit of additional information. I have gone more in-depth to answered all of the questions mentioned above.